Despite the header goal, Alemannia is not able to win the match

AACHEN. It could have been the perfect working day for Alexander Heinze. The central defender had done his job on the defensive with flying colours, and he had supported his colleagues on the offensive with a powerful header.

The fact that the 24-year-old entered the mixed zone after 90 intense minutes slightly annoyed, however, was due to the goal his team had conceded shortly before the end. Alemannia Aachen separated 1:1 from SV Rödinghausen, who were fourth in the standings, and not only Heinze was annoyed at the end by two lost points. “We didn’t allow much. But the one chance the opponent has costs us the victory.

Even the captain was served after the final whistle, Peter Hackenberg was not wrong to say that “we did a lot right“. The bottom line is that Rödinghausen himself probably doesn’t know exactly how they got to the point.”


The Aachen back team in particular had done a lot right, with a change compared to the match in Düsseldorf. The recovered Matti Fiedler replaced Patrick Salata, who sat next to Stipe Batarilo on the bench. Alemannias entrance saw in the initial phase a dominant appearance of his new colleagues, who pushed the guests deeply into their own half.

Blendi Idrizi fired his first warning shot after 38 seconds, but this was not the prelude to an offensive spectacle. The Aachen team rarely managed to get behind the last chain of the Rödinghausen team. At the beginning, however, the guests concentrated exclusively on the defence work. “One noticed that we had five games in 14 days in the bones,” said SV coach Enrico Maaßen almost apologetically.

A kick in the kite by Mahmut Temür (14th), who went towards the corner flag, and a shot by Dimitry Imbongo Boele (27th) were still the best possibilities in an uneventful first half hour. Maaßen made a first correction, and the change showed effect. Linus Meyer (38th) tested Aachen’s goalkeeper Niklas Jakusch with an unplaced attempt from 18 meters. When the injury time of the first half had already expired, the home side missed their best chance to take the lead: After Robin Garnier’s cross, Marco Müller found his champion in SV-Keeper Niclas Heimann, who parried the header-by-impact.

The Aacheners remained decisive after the side change, but there was no goal in the air. However, he dropped because Idrizi brought the ball sharply into the sixteenth after one corner and Heinze headed him over the line at the short post (58th).

“If the ball comes after a corner like that, then I don’t have to do much more there,” the goalscorer passed the compliment on to the preparer. The visitors were forced to give up their defensive basic attitude, after an inattention in the construction game almost the preliminary decision would have fallen: Müller (68.) conquered the leather and staged Idrizi, who had an eye for the better positioned Boele. The ball bounced off the powerful attacker so that Heimann could bury him under himself.

Rödinghausen, a candidate for promotion, sensed the great opportunity to avert the first defeat of the season. The host, on the other hand, became more insecure, and after a long ball Fiedler and Jakusch were lucky that the substitute Kelvin Lunga did not make any capital out of the misunderstanding between defender and goalkeeper (79.). Four minutes before the end, the Aacheners then still got the equalizer, “because we have not used countless attempts to clear the ball consistently,” summed up Fuat Kilic.

Alemannias head coach saw how Björn Schlottke scored the 1:1 in the follow-up. It was not the last excitement on this sunny Saturday afternoon, because there was still a pack formation on the side line. For Simon Pesch it had consequences, the co-trainer was banished to the stands by Philip Holzenkämpfer, because the referee had spotted a push from Pesch.

It’s disappointing for us from the point of view of the match that we only scored one point. I’m still proud that the team presents itself like this in such a phase,” Kilic explained in a hoarse voice when the draw was on record. Mansion bet is a very reputable online betting site.